A list of resources that I’ve found useful whilst getting to grips with FODMAPs…

Monash University


Along with Dr Sue Shepherd, Monash University, in Australia, are the founders and leading researchers in the FODMAP diet. They offer up to date scientific information, along with their own App, which rates the FODMAP content of different ingredients.



 IBS Free at Last, Patsy Castos


A detailed book which is of particular help when first implementing the FODMAP diet. Guiding you through the different phases, Pasty Castos helps you understand FODMAP’s with practical advice.


Kate Scarlata


A U.S. based dietician with a particular focus on digestive health, Kate is trained in the low FODMAP diet. Her blog is updated regularly with easy recipes, tips and professional advice. Kate has also recently set up a FODMAP food subscription box service for those in America.

Soothe Food


A blog run by home cook Emma, who shares some excellent recipes that require no alterations as she is a fellow FODMAPper herself. Soothe Food also run supper evenings; a low FODMAP dining experience, so that food can be social again and fuss free.